Travel like a BO$S, don’t spend like one

BallinonaBudgetI’ve learned alot of traveling lessons the hard way. And by the hard way, I mean the expensive and/or extremely frustrating way. If I can help someone avoid these mistakes, then it was worth it.

Also, just because someone has traveled to alot of countries doesn’t make them a traveler. Taking cabs, staying in hotels, and going on pre-planned tours is “nice”, if you have the money. But then you miss out on the real experience of the country you are visiting.

Wherever I go, I live like a local. I rent a room in a local person’s house, take public transit, go grocery shopping, and eat at hole-in-the-walls where they don’t speak English. Because of this, I’ve been able to travel for 3 months on what many people spend on a 2 week vacation.

So now I pass this wisdom on to you, my little buttercups. Stay connected, travel, navigate, eat, and live without emptying your bank account.

Let’s hear it for living that champagne lifestyle on a boxed wine budget!
/flips hair



  1. marexa3 · May 11, 2014

    I’m just starting my traveling journey. So I will definitely need any and all advice♥

    • maaridee · May 12, 2014

      I’m gonna post a few more this week! There is sooo much I learned the hard way. But a lot of the same lessons apply no matter where you go. Thank you for reading, my lovely!

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