Lost and Found: Barcelona, April 4

IMG_1676I’m so screwed. This city has me sprung.

It’s like when you’re in love and everything they do is endearing. And it doesn’t even have to be anything extraordinary, but to you it’s beautiful because it’s them. To me, Barcelona can do no wrong.

I’m in love with Barca for the simple things others may not appreciate…for the peace I feel when I’m here. This city is alive and loud and bustling but I’m part of it – I’m not an outsider. Everywhere I go, I belong.

I’ve gotten more comfortable being phoneless, so I wander around a lot more. And it has resulted in the most beautiful accidents.

I’ve allowed myself to get lost in order to find the heart of the city.

LaPlataCounterFor example, when I discovered Bar La Plata, I stood at the counter elbow-to-elbow with fast-talking Spaniards drinking vino rosado from tiny cups. The place is no larger than a livingroom, with only four tables which are always taken. But the best “seat” in the house is standing at the counter. An old man runs back and forth from the kitchen serving everyone. And there is no menu because they only make four things. One of the simplest but best meals I’ve ever had.

IMG_1648And when I randomly came across a marching band parading through the El Born streets at sunset. Children instinctively followed them, dancing their little hearts out as their moms chased after them. As they made their way down Carrer de Sant Pau…

I looked up and saw windows begin to open, one at a time, as neighbors popped their heads out to listen.

Or when I got caught in a freaking DOWNPOUR that resembled the end of days, and ended up laughing and chatting with locals as we huddled in a doorway and waited for the storm to ease up.

Or when I got lost trying to find the Cathedral of Barcelona and stumbled upon the beautiful plaza of Placa Nova. I ended up forgoing my plans and soaking up the Mediterranean sun on the plaza stairs instead, along with 100+ others, as street musicians plucked away at their guitar strings and time seemed to stand still around us.

My best days have been complete accidents.

The days that my plans didn’t go as planned.

The days I left my flat having no plan at all.

And sometimes, that’s the best plan of all.

Being phoneless isn’t so bad.



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